Spiderman 3: ‘The battle within’

I saw Spiderman 3 yesterday, which was a satisfying experience though the movie has its flaws. I have always liked Spiderman the most of the three super heroes. Perhaps, this is because he is the most human of them–a nerdy, geeky guy next door who is insecure, vulnerable and well, even boring, except when his nifty little spider suit transforms him. In Spiderman 3, Peter Parker sheds the nerdy image to deal with more adult turmoil though. The movie weaves alter egos, inner battles, fate and choice, misunderstanding and forgiveness, and generous dollops of romance into the story and manages not to go haywire. Mostly.

Interesting sub-plots help the movie retain its entertaining qualities. The number of ghoulish characters have increased this time round and each is a bundle of fun. There’s Sandman aka Mark Flinto, deeply troubled (his daughter is dying of some mysterious illness and he needs money to restore her health) and seemingly invincible. There’s Venom and of course, there’s long-time friend-turned-enemy Harry as Green Goblin.

The cinematography is slick and stylish; the digital fanfare worthy of its predecessors. Tobey Maguire’s performance jars in bits, especially when he is playing the darker self. The digitally animated Spiderman sitting gracefully atop a church spire is more convincing. The strain of trying to fit in so many elements into a limited time span clearly shows. The pace is sluggish in bits and the editing strikes an odd note every now and then. The final confrontation scene leaves a little something to be desired, considering the tremendous potential. The romance between Peter and MJ is frankly overdone.

The movie’s strength lies in its dark atmospheric style. The colours are more sombre; the background score is full of deep tones; the villains more compelling. There are bits that are actually scary or suspenseful enough to make you hold your breath. In the end, you don’t mind the extra scenes because the movie manages to make the characters real. And in doing so, it adds its bit to the continuation of a legend. Worth a watch.

Here is the official website. You can visit the IMDB page or read reviews of the movie here.


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2 responses to “Spiderman 3: ‘The battle within’

  1. Kishore

    I love Spiderman too! I grew up in Delhi and remember they used to show the Spiderman cartoon on DD those days? The theme song – “spiderman spiderman, does whatever a spider can” – reminds of my childhood days in Delhi.. 🙂

  2. N

    Kishore: Oh yes! I used to watch it too and I loved humming the theme song!

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