Len’s Eye View: Chitrakala Parishad

It’s interesting how both noise and quiet can be so sustaining. Last week, I went for a NWM meeting and then, because it was a sunshiny day and I had spent a lazy afternoon under the trees (albeit amid the flies) at the Press Club, I decided to continue the mood of green and sun by dropping in at Chitrakala Parishad. Going from an animated discussion with a diverse group of women to the weekday emptiness of the art school was an exercise in juxtaposition.

Established in the early 1960s, the Chitrakala Parishad is quite a city icon. There are permanent galleries displaying modern Indian masters as well as contemporary Indian Art; an open-air theatre; a rudimentary food court; and a college of Fine Arts that is affiliated to the Bangalore University

I love the place because it has plenty of quiet corners. Also, loose-limbed, long-haired artists and a laissez faire attitude.

There’s a temple on the precincts as well, which is rather telling. How deeply ingrained religion is in the fabric of our lives–much as an occasional agnostic like me would like to deny it.

It’s a rather old-fashioned, Hanuman temple. There is just the one idol engraved into the wall and a large bell hanging from the ceiling.

There’s an open courtyard near the temple. I sat there for a while just doing nothing, watching the black ants crawling around my feet, watching the trees as they gently formed silhouettes.

Two panels propped in a neglected corner, and seemingly forgotten, caught my eye.

And so did the two walls full of graffiti near the food court.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to imagine an older time, a more peaceful time. I’m grateful that there are still some places where one can go on a weekday afternoon to find the quiet.


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2 responses to “Len’s Eye View: Chitrakala Parishad

  1. arvindh

    I like how you describe your quiet contemplation at the CKP. “Black ants crawling around my feet….” makes me nostalgic for the the midday calm I experienced in parts of Bangalore.

  2. Prashanth

    Lovely photo essay, and a delightful blog.

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