Cheeni Kum, The Painted Veil and House of 9

Cheeni Kum

Slick, well-made and mostly real with just the amount of salt and tang that a rom-com needs. Tabu is lovely as usual and playing her own age for a change (after The Namesake, Astitva). Amitabh Bachchan fits the role and plays his part though I still find some of his expressions over the top (does he have to look like he’s splitting a blood vessel every time he’s angry?).

Zohra Sehgal is endearing. Paresh Rawal grated on my nerves and the kid left me with mixed feelings. Some sparkling music by Illayaraja. An impressive debut for director R. Balki. Just wish he had left out the Gandhian melodrama at the end. Well, can’t be all perfect, can it? Worth a watch. Go see.

The Painted Veil

Saw this one on DVD and was bowled over. Beautiful cinematography, a haunting soundtrack, and an actual story. I suppose the last is thanks to Maugham, whose book the movie is based on but writer-director John Curran’s deft touch creates a masterpiece where it could have easily been a mishmash. The script is taut and the movie brings 1920s China alive. Who would have thought such poignancy could be wrought from a dysfunctional marriage set against a backdrop of disease and despair?

Edward Norton is superlative as he takes us with him through pain, jealousy, self-loathing to love and acceptance. Naomi Watts does reasonable justice to her role. All in all, worth more than one watch. Take a bow, Curran.

House of 9

Caught this one on TV on a night when I was in the mood for just such a trashy thriller so I actually sat through it. Nine people stuck in a house as part of some reality show. The game’s over when only one is left. Not before that. No prizes for guessing what happens. Two hours of a blood fest with some interesting characters. But the acting is quite uniformly awful and there aren’t enough scares for real horror fans. There’s a nice, dark twist at the end though.

Not recommended unless you have nothing better to do.

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  1. OrangeJammies

    ooooh! am loving the new template!
    i echo your feelings on cheeni kum.. must see the other 2.

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