Pictures of Bengaluru Pride

I’m not the kind of person who likes participating in marches. Most of the time, I’m not sure what difference they’ll make. But in a country where homosexuality is still illegal, the sheer visibility of the gay pride parade on Sunday made it something worth talking about. (It was Bangalore’s first gay pride parade.) And because sexual freedom is something I feel strongly about, I actually stirred myself (and A) post lunch and made it to JC Road where we joined the parade halfway.

Guesstimates of how many would turn up had ranged from 50 to 1000. The actual number was 500, which most of us agreed was not bad. This consisted of gays, lesbians, hijras, kothis and many straight people who wanted to express solidarity. The mood was an edgy mix of defiance and celebration; lots of colourful flags swished in the breeze; and while some faces were masked, others were joyfully bare. The media had turned up in droves and the police were surprisingly un-troublesome. Here are some snapshots…


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8 responses to “Pictures of Bengaluru Pride

  1. Well, this one had me stirred up too…can I share some thoughts that I had a chance to listen to, not too long ago…?

    Why is there so much of ridicule about sexual preference?
    Because people in the society who think/call themselves normal, consider everything else that doesn’t confirm with their sense of normalcy, as WEIRD, ABNORMAL, UNNATURAL…UNACCAPTABLE and an object to RIDICULE!

    Who decides what is normal, what is natural?
    People or majority of people who see themselves as falling under a category of like attributes…denote every other attribute in human nature that seems different from theirs, as unnatural.

    If we all are a part of God’s creation, and we accept that we all are different in one way or the other, why should it be difficult for mankind to accept a basic difference in sexual preference?
    Who are we to question God’s Creation?

  2. siddharth narrain

    hey anandita,
    I’m trying to collect snaps from the pride that we are putting together. Is it possible for you send me some of the snaps you have taken either by email ( or could you drop off a cd at our office (Alternative Law Forum, 122/4 Infantry Road, – opposite Infantry Wedding House

  3. SS

    Hi Anindita,
    Thanks for this update and fabulous pictures. This is truly remarkable!
    I have linked to your account in my post at
    I have also included two of your photographs from here (they are only linked, not downloaded/uploaded) and I have credited you for them. Hope that’s okay.

    Great job at Ultra Violet too!

  4. Oh excellent! The fact that it seems to have gone off that well is something for the city to take pride in too.

  5. Amazing. Great to see that the police were non-troublesome.

    I wonder if something like this can happen in Hyderabad. Suspect not.

  6. Orange Jammies

    How completely awesome is that?! I was wondering just the other day whether we would ever have gay pride parades in India. I echo Amrita’s sentiments: that it went off well is something the city should be proud off. I’m pleasantly surprised at the political and administrative non-interference.

  7. Orange Jammies

    Eeeks, I meant proud of. Not off.

  8. Lovely pics! What colours 🙂

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