You’re invited…

So, this Saturday, some of us will be reading / performing poetry. The event has been organised by Unisun to showcase the poems in their upcoming anthology. Jeet Thayil will be performing some of his poems. I will read one of Meena Kandasamy’s poems and two of my own. The Rajas will be performing some of the other poems featured in the anthology. Should be fun. Drop by if you can.


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4 responses to “You’re invited…

  1. Orange Jammies

    Love the new blog-look! Have fun at the reading. You’ll be fab. 😀

  2. good luck with the reading!

    wish I was in bangalore to attend !

  3. You’re invited….. to pick up your Brilliant Weblog Award from my page and put it up on yours. 🙂

  4. OJ: Thank you, girl!

    Chandni: Wish you were too. 🙂

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