Woman is a social being #1

So, as I was saying, I hate socialising after an event. Which is really awful because I either retreat into the shadows or look like I’m sulking into my drink. What I am doing actually is mulling over what I’ve seen or heard, existing for a little while in a calm bubble in my head. I should probably leave immediately after. But here’s the paradox: I like being in company. Love it, actually. Uh, without actually being in it.

It’s the same reason I sometimes go to restaurants when I can perfectly easily (and more cheaply) have the same drink in my own home. But you don’t understand, I tell A exasperatedly, ‘there will be people’. People who I will rarely know, seldom speak to, and with whom I will usually exchange a smile across the room, at most. Or an emphatic blink. I love the emphatic blink. It means so much and involves so little.

So here is what I’ve deduced: I’m deplorably lazy. I am lethargic about establishing and maintaining social contact in any active manner. I want the other person to do all the hard work. But if the other person doesn’t want to do any work, I am perfectly content with co-existing. I find it reassuring. That we all exist here, in this time, in this space. Yes, I find it a happy thought. Against all logic, I suppose. But there it is.


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3 responses to “Woman is a social being #1

  1. Do you think you’ve always been asocial or did you grow into it? Just wondering, because the Anu I knew 16 years ago and the Anu I talk with and meet today (admittedly, once in plenty years) is warm, friendly and perfectly charming and looks like the only thing she does better is write. It could also be that retreating helps you observe better and that benefits your work. As long as you’re happy, it’s all good. 🙂 Hug.

  2. AK

    I’m totally like that myself! Hope it’s not a bad thing!

  3. Socializing is a way of life today. People survive by socializing. However, you are different and I would say real. I liked you like mulling over what you saw and heard. All the best.

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