Chamundi, churchgoing, city lights

On Sunday, we drove down to Mysore. We ate lunch at The Metropole, which was a former guest house for the Wodeyar family’s special guests and is now a Royal Orchid property. Then, we drove up Chamundi Hill. Both of us have seen all the ‘sights’ before so we were just trying to hang out somewhere other than Koshy’s. It made for a nice change. We saw a surprised mongoose who gazed at us solemnly before scooting into the bushes. We also spent a great deal of time contemplating three extraordinary beehives at the church later. Pictures below.

The city is gearing up for Dassera and after 6.30 pm, the lights came on. Now, what I mean by that is not only the palace, which is illuminated every evening during the week up to Dassera, but almost every other public building, many shops, and most roads were glittering. It was quite overwhelming.

At the palace, there were hordes of enthusiastic people. There were also lots of red, heart-shaped balloons, which I could see bobbing over the silhouettes of a million heads or so. My pictures of the illuminated palace were taken from a moving car so they haven’t come out so well but there are plenty of images online.

Traffic management was impressive — they had these policemen and policewomen (in equal numbers) dressed nattily and wearing red feathers in their hats, and they had policemen on horses at major traffic junctions like Devraj Urs Market. It was the first time I had seen mounted policemen so I giggled and gasped, and fumed at unimportant things like moving traffic getting in the way of my camera. We also saw four elephants rehearsing their march for the parade on the final day. It’s sad that the fear of bombs have scared people off from the celebrations this year. Apparently, apart from foreigners and tourists, even locals are staying away.

Chamundi Hills, Mysore

Hotel Metropole, Mysore

St Philomena’s Church, Mysore.

City Lights

More Pictures


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9 responses to “Chamundi, churchgoing, city lights

  1. Oh but those are fabulous pictures! My blogroll has a link to Stylkist, which is a style/design/art blog run by the folks who own a store by the same name. Your photographs are totally worthy of being on there! 🙂 Glad you had a good time.

  2. Oj: Thanks girl… 🙂

  3. Mysore. Pretty. Quiet. And beautiful. And that too during Dassera. Lovely snaps. 🙂

  4. WMWC: Thank you 🙂 …i think that’s the nice thing about a smaller city…you don’t have to go far to get to a quiet place. The palace area was raucous though.

  5. Good theme……………….

  6. Super…………….Its all about imagination……………

  7. I went to mysore for my honeymoon.It was very nice experience and full of visits to wonderful places.Thanks for refreshing the memories.

  8. Nice photos. The Metropole is a charming hotel. Hi I own one of the best detective agencies in Mumbai and everytime I go have to go to Mysore I ensure that I drive down from Bangalore stopping at the CCD’s along the way for coffee and refreshments. The drive is fun but the lane changing drivers can be a killer if you dont watch out. Have fun Anindita!

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