Anindita works as a freelance writer and editorial consultant in Bangalore, India. She specializes in writing about art, culture, society and development. Her clients include Iconoculture, a global consumer research firm; and Fida, a Finnish development organisation.

As a journalist, she writes about books, gender, documentary film, social and cultural issues, and travel. She has been published in The Hindu, Deccan Herald, Mid-Day and Marie Claire. For links to some of her articles online, click here.

She is also founder and executive editor of Ultra Violet, a website on contemporary feminist issues in India.

Her poetry has been published in Pratilipi, Quay Journal, Cha: An Asian Journal, Kritya, Muse India, Talking Poetry and several anthologies. In 2008, she received the Toto Funds the Arts Award for Creative Writing.

She can be contacted at anu[dot]sengupta[at]gmail.com

10 responses to “About

  1. madhavan

    I really liked your unpretentious blog featuring a workshop with Keki! Nice to see literary sensibility that’s also fresh.Hmm..

  2. Hi,
    Read few of ur work,really awesome.To be frank with you I do write sometimes, but have never shared or have checked with some stalwart like ya..Could u guide me to proceed further in this direction….

  3. maddy: thank you :).

    Abhijit: Email something to me and i’ll do my best to reply soon.

  4. Amrendra

    prtilipi per main bhi hoon.

  5. A Life Dreamt Now… ByAbhijit Deogiri Some memories never fade and it’s really true at least in my case. A beautiful life already lived could only be dreamt again. I used to live in a small village near Kalyan a place around 50 km’s away from Mumbai. It’s been fifteen years now but still I could smell the fragrance in the air around me. The sound of the wind gently passing by my ears is something one can never forget. The name of the village was jambhul perhaps it was due to the jamun trees which surrounded the entire village. Our family was full of people mom, dad, elder brother, aunt and my great grandfather. Jambhul was situated in the foothills of many of the mountains surrounded by the beautiful nature of mother earth. My working parents were busy throughout the day which perhaps would be the real reason of me as a kid exploring the beauties around. Sometimes I and my elder brother used to be up on the hills the entire day playing through the green grass above our height. Our innocence kept us away from all the facts of the dangers to roam in the hills. The insects, snakes and many animals never used to scare us at any point of time. I still remember once I was bitten by a bunch of bees while playing hide n seeks with my friends. My suffering by stings of the bees really put my mom as well as my aunt in a small despair. But it was fun and we still laugh on it. Most exiting part of the memories take me to the small lonely bridge under which we used to catch small fishes and bring them back home to keep them in glass jars and adore them. The small canal under the bridge were we used to roam was full of butterflies of colors which reminds me of the rainbow today. My friends used to like me a lot which might be the reason of me being the centre of attraction most of the times. Mostly everybody called me “puppy” a lovely pet name given by my elder brother. Now staying in the complex surrounded by these big infrastructural junk I always dream to get back to those days which once were the part of my life. Perhaps it’s never possible now but still I am happy because I have my sweet memories which are impossible to be deleted. A life once lived could only be dreamt now.

  6. radhika

    Dear Anindita,
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  7. Sumit

    Can I get your email id? I am working on a social media project and I am looking for prototype testers. Thanks 🙂

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