Andrew Lichtenstein’s ‘Never Coming Home’

One of my favourite sites, Alternet, has a photo essay here on Andrew Lichtenstein’s new book, Never Coming Home. This launches their new multimedia series and features a slideshow of some of the images used in the book as well as an interview with Lichtenstein.

Andrew Lichtenstein’s new book, Never Coming Home, shows the faces behind the daily casualty statistics in the Iraq war. Each week, these men and women killed in Iraq are buried and mourned, privately and publicly, in deeply personal scenes of love, loss and remembrance.

And later, from the interview:

The most powerful, saddest images, at least for me, were taken while at the families’ homes, weeks, months after their loved one had been buried….In the case of the Hornedo family, they live in Brooklyn, walking distance from my own home. Marcus sitting on the bed, growing up without a father….And yes, that makes me angry. Angry that we would ask that of his family. Angry that we can so easily go on living our lives, drinking our cappuccinos, reading the newspaper. Angry at our arrogance, our complacency. How easy it is for us not to really be concerned with what is happening in our name.


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2 responses to “Andrew Lichtenstein’s ‘Never Coming Home’

  1. iz

    Thanks for the award! Am most honoured!

  2. Lost Worlds. The tough part is growing up at another’s pace, dictated by notions of nationality defined by the polity and carried by the lowest common denominator – the voiceless.

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