Lens Eye View: APD and Horticulturing

Because I’ve been moping around the house all week about the tree, we went on a mad hunt around the city today to look for things, which would beautify the home office. The idea being that we were trying to replace the beauty of the view lost with something else, inadequate as it may be. The plan included wooden blinds from Lifestyle and potted plants. Unfortunately, Lifestyle does not have stock of the blinds I want. I have the worst luck with shopping, which probably explains why I hate it so much. I have been trying to buy a digital voice recorder for three weeks with dismal luck; everywhere I go, I run into MP3 players.

Anyway, we turned our attention to the potted plants instead. The Association of People with Disabilities runs a lovely horticultural center where all the plants are grown and nurtured by people with disabilities. Tucked away in a quiet lane in Jeevan Beema Nagar, the center is open between 11 and 5 on all days except Sunday, when they are open only in the mornings. It’s a little oasis amid the crowds and pollution and traffic.

They have a variety of plants for sale–outdoor plants, indoor plants, creepers, herbs, medicinal plants and flowering varieties.

And then I saw this guy/ girl, who reminded me of Spiderman because of the red flecks.


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9 responses to “Lens Eye View: APD and Horticulturing

  1. Kishore

    I just got myself a digital voice recorder when I returned from the US. Hoping to begin using it soon… 🙂

  2. N

    Kishore: That’s nice! What are you planning to use it for?

  3. Kishore

    I want to involve in some social activities, meet people, talk, and write about them in my blog and desicritics. I have so many things in mind, but I only keep on planning. 😦

    I can’t believe I can be so lazy. I think I need a kick on my ass.

  4. Isabel

    Sorry to hear about the tree! I would also be in mourning… I visited the horicultural centre you describe just a few weeks ago! I also discovered another green oasis selling a wide variety of plants. It’s just off Thippasandra Main Road. When you come from 80 feet Road, take the second or third road to the left (Karthik Sweets is on the corner). Then take the first left – the road is more of a lane. If you see some very tall palm trees you’re headed to the right place. You’ll come to a clearing full of plants of almost every variety. The neighbourhood children play hide and seek here. They also helped me communicate with the worker there by translating my English into Kannada and vice versa. By the way, do you know why the tree was cut down?

  5. OrangeJammies

    Ooooh, gorgeous pictures! I love little gardening-related places. They’re oddly soothing.

  6. Snehashish

    came across your blog while doing a google search on where to buy potted plants in bangalore. can you pls give some directions to the horticultural center you talked about (thippasandra).cheers

  7. N

    Isabel: Thanks for the tip!

    OJ: Yes, they are, aren’t they?

    Snehashish: I am horrible at directions and I haven’t driven there myself but I’ll try…get on to Jeevan Bima Road from Indiranagar 80 Feet Road. Keep going straight and take the left at this large building which is a medical center of some sort (I forget the exact name but I think it begins with A)…take the first left again after that…there is a sign saying Association of People with Disabilities…hope this helps somewhat.

  8. Isabel

    I got the directions wrong for the nursery off Thippasandra Main Road. When you come from 80 feet Road, take the THIRD road to the left (3rd Main Road). Karthik Sweets is NOT on the corner, as it’s on the corner of 2nd Main Road – so you have to take the next road). Sorry for the confusion. Enjoy your plants!

  9. Snehashish

    thanks. really appreciate the update. will check out the nursery this weekend.cheers

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